Last minute birthday gifts – DIYs#1

Recently I was invited to a party but didn’t have enough stuff to give them so I just thought up some cool things I can do.

  1. Make them a personalised letter made from wood and them you can paint it to their style.
  2. Make one of those last minute candles or lip balms. Melt some wax or non-toxic crayons and pour them into a container. For lip balms add coconut oil with the melted ingredients and maybe some scent too.
  3. Get something like a mason jar and add a cute label on the front and write something on it. Then just fill it with goodies like sweets and add a ribbon to conclude.
  4. Buy a frame and fill it with sweets between the glass and the back layer. On the glas  write break in case of emergency.
  5. Get something like oreos and dip them in melted chocolate and cover them in sprinkles. Put it in any cute suitable container.

Hope these were useful for you all – thx!


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