How to get rid of your things

having lots of things you really don’t need in not good. Here are ideas you can try out to get rid of your things

Firstly you need to have an area you can start off with.

  • The japanese method – hold the object and if you feel love then keep it else get rid of it…best give it to charity or recycle.
  • make a pile of things you 100% actually need…not like teddy’s but like uniform
  • get rid of things you don’t use or haven’t used for more than 2 months.
  • make use of things.
  • bin fewer things and recycle and give away most of it.
  • this man put all his stuff into bags and was only allowed to take one set of clothes a day and if necessary one other thing this way he only had the number of things he needed and 1/2 set/s of most items.
  • if you have lots of shoes think about it choose one thing that you have to wear for uniform if you go to school or office, something that goes with all of your outfits, trainers, something for winter and stuff and a pair of sandals if you insist. try cut down on heels and flat because they aren’t so good for your health
  • make things neater so you have easy access and can easily decide if you wantto keep something

search my other blogs for storage ideas and more

good luck 🙂

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