How to clean your room when your busy

Got other things on your mind, busy? Still need to sort out your room but don’t know when to do it? These tips should give you a good idea on how to do it all.

Important bits first.

Once your back home from school or college, get changed into comfier clothes and grab something to eat and drink. After you’re settled down get out your homework diary and check how many things are either due tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Do that so t’s out of the way and then it’s time to start.

Starting the cleaning plan

So whenever you’re cleaning your room you always need a good plan to make the clean effective. This may take you the rest of the day but will be worth it.

If you want a decluttered and open living room, then your going to have to make sure you have as few big bulky things lying around and hardly anything on display. If you want to display your things so they’re visible then you want to organise the display so it looks good.

Always make sure that your windowsills and shelves and worktops are cleaned. This prevents dust forming. Make your plan accordingly so that everyday you have a small different task to do so that you still have spare time. Don’t worry if it takes too long because it will help you realise what your taste is like.

Do it

Now you have your plan, go ahead and try it out. If you don’t like something them tweak your plan a bit accordingly.

Hope this works for you!!!!!!!!!Good Luck!:)


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