Experience the best in life

Experience will change your life, you and your knowledge and understanding. Experience will help shape your future.

You should use experience in the best ways possible

Learn from bad experience to make better decisions later in your life. use knowledge you get from experience to improve and be a better person. If you are  learning and in school deciding what you want to be, you could use experience to help you decide what you think is right for you.

What experience teaches you

Experience teaches you a lot of useful things. It shows you what reality is like and gives you a feel of the world’s diversity. Education teaches you a lot but you won’t completely understand everything until you get  out there and experience it.

Why experience still matters

Experience matters a lot. If you never experienced enough, your life would be so boring and not interesting. Experience gives you stories to be told, dreams to achieve and a positive feeling.

What is the point in getting souvenirs and little things to keep information when you can make memories and make the most of them. If you do want to get a souvenir, think wisely and select something that will represent your memories or somehow related. Make your own souvenir or find them instead of buying them – get a special shell from the beach that makes you think back at those times for example.

Be creative!


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