Best revision methods – and tips

revisionI know that exams and tests are very important and getting a good score is what you aim for. Really, the best way to excel in an exam is to revise.

But revision is boring. So here are some methods that are extremely useful and have proven to be successful.

  • No. 1 – cue cards. I find writing on these small revision cards is one of the best and easiest methods. Just add important formulas, bullet points, diagrams and other notes that you will need. Adding a ring is useful so you can just flip the cards over. If you want, on one side of the card, write a question and on the other side, write the answer.
  • No.2 – sticky notes. This is such a simple and easy method to use; write on the note and stick it somewhere like beside your light switch- somewhere you always go and use. This way, whenever you go to the switch, you will read the note and make a mental note on it.
  • No.3 – did you know that your an average person’s concentration span is 20 minutes! No point revising non stop for hours because none of it will be of use. So plan your revision time carefully! 20 mins of revising – and keep a goal to reach by the end – then 10 minutes of break(repeat). This way, you will probably end up revising much better.
  • No.4 – try not to keep your phone or any other tempting devices near you when you revise. this is a distraction making you concentration span even lower!
  • No.5 – don’t even bother making your notes look pretty! why? – distraction, waste of time, useless. But use highlighters to make important information stand out more.
  • No.6 – keep drinks and a few snacks beside you when you revise so you don’t have and excuse to get up and grab snacks and drinks. Drink plenty of water(that’s what they all say!) – trust me, it helps.
  • No.7 start revising earlier(not days before the exam) so you don’t have to cram everything into a day of revision. A head start always does you good.

Good luck!

(but you won’t need it if you revised properly)


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